Starfish Finance is live on Arbitrum Portal

Starfish Finance is Live on Arbitrum for its new chapter in Entertainment-Fi

Starfish Finance



The Starfish leadership is thrilled to announce that Starfish Finance has successfully deployed on Arbitrum. From now on, Starfish users enjoy faster and cheaper transaction experience in the bigger EVM ecosystem.

Arbitrum is built to create an off-chain settlement operating in parallel with the Ethereum mainnet, thus assuring transactions to be processed faster and at a much lower cost. This background will empower the future features of Starfish Finance. Our protocol can take advantage of all Arbitrum technical edges and offer our users a better experience.

What Does This Mean for Starfish Finance?

As Starfish Finance is rolling out more features to lead and support the new wave in entertainment-fi, the need to process transactions more quickly and smoothly will be essential to foster an outstanding user experience. This not only means our users can benefit from reduced transaction costs, but also it will power the complexities of upcoming gamified DeFi features on Starfish Finance, which would not be possible on the Ethereum mainnet for pricey gas fees.

Ultimately, the Starfish settlement in the Arbitrum ecosystem opens up more opportunities to a bigger audience, not to mention the numerous on-going innovations in leading EVM DeFi and Web3 projects.

The official Arbitrum dApp portal listing Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is listed officially on the Arbitrum portal. Visit to check out Starfish Finance. Projects listed on the Arbitrum portal are verified and the teams went through due diligence.

The first step to a multi-chain future for Starfish Finance

Joining the Arbitrum family is a significant milestone for Starfish Finance, and our team is excited about the upcoming opportunities in the near future.Our first and foremost work on Arbitrum is the $BTC prediction market. It preludes Starfish Finance’s new journey to conceive more gamified DeFi features for our community.

The prediction market works in a much simpler way than most derivative markets. All SEANies need to do is to press a button, input the investment size and wait for five minutes to see the outcome of the decision. Go on and choose the Arbitrum network to start the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on Starfish Finance!



Starfish Finance

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