$SEAN Private Sale Round 2 — #SeanInvasion

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3 min readAug 31, 2022
$SEAN IDO Private Sale Round 2

LFG Starfishes, our Private Sale Round 1 witnessed an oversubscription way beyond the Starfish team’s expectations! Cheers mates, thank you for your support!

This is just the beginning though. If you didn’t manage to secure a spot for Round 1, here is another chance!

This time we are spreading our good vibes beyond the Polkadot ecosystem. Our Private Sale Round 2​​ is dedicated to the SEAN community who started the journey with us, as well as any SEAN enthusiasts who are fascinated about Starfish culture. We need your participation to invade Web 3 with our unique culture.

For the newcomers, Starfish is launching its $SEAN tokens on Tokensoft.
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How to get whitelisted

1. Have fun in Sean’s Web3 Personality Test, and join the gleam campaign.

We have designed a personality test. Not just another boring personality test, but one seasoned with 420% web 3 culture & context. We have created 16 different personalities in native web 3 culture with 16 witty starfish characters (Sean). Community, have fun with it to know yourself better (DYOR more wisely), and share it with the gleam campaign. Let’s take over the web 3 space with this cultural movement.

Web3 Personality Test — Know yourself

To get whitelisted:

1. Complete the Web3 Personality Test and get your result

Step 1 — Get your personality test result

2. Share your result on twitter

Step 2 — Download the poster and share your result (with poster) on twitter

3. Complete the gleam campaign

Step 3 — Complete the gleam campaign

4. We will have a lucky draw for the whitelist 🎟️ sit still and fasten your seat belts!

2. Community Activities

The tickets to Private Sale Round 2 belong to the Starfish community — no matter if you’re a new fren or have been with us from the beginning. The Starfish community is an inclusive and welcoming family, come !vibe with us. We’re distributing guaranteed whitelist spots through our Discord events.

We also created 16 exclusive channels (clans) for 16 different Sean characters on Discord, where you can complete required actions and get a guaranteed whitelist spot! Find out more in the ‘#📝-join-clan’ channel. You can expect lots of events with your clans in the future, think trading competitions on Starfish DEX 👀

To get whitelisted:

  1. Join our Discord server — The Aquarium
  2. Participate in our Discord activities or complete required actions to guarantee your whitelist spot!

Stay tuned for announcements in Discord

Private Sale Round 2 Details

⚠️ We recommend completing KYC on Tokensoft in advance, KYC tutorial is here.

⚠️ KYC deadline is 21 Sept 10am UTC.

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