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Mark your calendars Starfishes 📅 On 13th Oct 2022, 10am UTC, the Starfish portal for $SEAN tokens will open for IDO claiming on Tokensoft. At the same time, our limited-time offer $SEAN pre-staking will begin and last for only 60 days of DEGENing.

WTF is $SEAN pre-staking?

$SEAN pre-staking is a special limited-time event for early $SEAN hodlers to enjoy ‘stake $SEAN to earn $SEAN’, with a chance for high APY, for 60 days only.

Pre-staking start time: 13 October 2022 10:00:00 UTC

Locking period: 13 October 2022–12 December 2022 (60 days) ➡️ Starfishes can stake to earn additional $SEAN & cannot un-stake or claim $SEAN rewards during this period

Vesting period: 12 December 2022–12 June 2023 (6 months) ️️➡️ Starfishes can claim their accumulated $SEAN rewards during pre-staking, and un-stake their initial $SEAN if they wish to do so starting from 12 Dec, 2022 (initial $SEAN is immediately unlocked upon un-staking)

Vesting: Initial unlock 4% for claiming, remaining 96% vested weekly for 6 months

Here’s a reminder to why everyone should bag some $SEAN — token utilities

How to stake $SEAN in pre-staking?

1. Go to https://app.starfish.finance

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet with your bag full of $SEAN, and switch to Astar Network (pre-staking is only available on Astar Network).

3. Go to the ‘Stake’ tab, choose $SEAN Pre-Staking to start your earning adventure.

4. Input the amount of $SEAN you want to stake, or click the MAX button to maximize your $SEAN rewards. Then click Confirm Stake and confirm your MetaMask popup transaction.

5. Congratulations! Your $SEAN is successfully staked in the pre-staking pool, you can now see that your $SEAN is securely locked. Claiming of $SEAN rewards and unstaking your $SEAN will be available after 60 days. You can come back then to claim your accumulated $SEAN rewards 💰

How to claim $SEAN rewards from pre-staking?

After 60 days of limited-time pre-staking, the staking pool will be updated to cSEAN staking pool. Those who have staked $SEAN during pre-staking will be able to claim their extra $SEAN rewards in the cSEAN staking pool. Your pre-staked SEAN will also be automatically transferred to the cSEAN staking pool.

1. Go to the ‘Stake’ tab and click on cSEAN card.

2. Find the Harvest Pre-Staking $SEAN Reward box and click Harvest to collect vested $SEAN rewards (4% of $SEAN rewards are harvestable instantly, 96% of the rewards are vested weekly for the next 6 months).

3. Keep your $SEAN staked in cSEAN to earn a share of 50% of the delegated fee from eligible pools in USDC stablecoin; or un-stake your SEAN from cSEAN without vesting period.

Find out more about cSEAN here

How to claim $SEAN tokens from IDO?

The claiming on Tokensoft is as easy as it looks in the video! Go to your ‘dashboard’ and click on the claim button, boom!💥

⚠️ IDO participants can initially claim 20% of their token subscription amount, and the 80% remaining would be vesting monthly for 12 months until 13 Oct 2023.

⚠️ You need to prepare some $ETH for gas fees.

How to use Celer Network’s cBridge to bridge $SEAN?

1. Go to https://cbridge.celer.network/

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet with the following $SEAN token contract addresses imported:

  • $SEAN token address on Ethereum:
  • $SEAN token address on Astar Network:

3. Select $SEAN token and the networks to bridge to/from, at the moment $SEAN on exists on Ethereum and Astar Network - more chains coming soon 👀

4. Enter amount you would like to bridge, note that the first time you do this you will need some $ETH as gas fees to approve token.

5. Click transfer and click a few buttons on MetaMask and voilà, you have now bridged your $SEAN between Ethereum and Astar Network!

If you have any questions or concerns about $SEAN claiming, bridging, or pre-staking, please don’t be afraid to DM Pluto Admiral or Mercury Major on Discord/Telegram, Starfish doesn’t bite! 😁

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