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4 min readMar 30, 2023

Play to earn?

Nah. Win to earn in 2023.

Introducing Prediction Market

The Starfish Finance team has never stopped building, and our pursuit of excellence has never been stronger! Our team is delighted to announce the first step of the multichain future of Starfish Finance. We are launching our Prediction Market on both Arbitrum One & Astar Network. This is also the debut of a new era in Web3, the Entertainment-Fi, which the Starfish team is taking the lead from the Aquarium.

What is Prediction Market?

Prediction Market is a decentralized platform that allows users on Starfish Finance to trade on the ups and downs of a certain token (We are kicking off the king $BTC). We are deploying this new feature on both Arbitrum One & Astar Network.

From now on, the Starfishes have the power to predict the $BTC trend, and what’s more? Perhaps your vision can make you big wins!

How to play?

A. Preparation

A1. Connect Wallet, and choose your network, Arbitrum One or Astar Network.

A2. Wait for the next round to start and commit your tokens to play.

Every new round will not start until the settlement of the last round is completed.

The initial stage of the Starfish Prediction Market will support BTC/USD market. As the development progresses and community request, our team will onboard more trading pairs on to Prediction Market in the future.

Switch Market is coming soon

B. Predict the trend

B1. Prediction the next round (Round #10293)

Now it’s your time to play!

In the “Next” section, you’ll see a green UP button and a red DOWN button. Press UP, if you expect a rise in the $BTC price, or press DOWN otherwise.

Each outcome has a different reward multiplier. The multiplier will change over time as the “Prize Pool” increases depending on the contributions of the participants.

⚠️ Pay attention to the timer. Each round is open for 5 minutes/300 seconds. Make sure you press in time before the time’s up!

B2. After you press ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’, input the amount of tokens you wish to commit.

Input commitment

Then, you are set to go! Click the Play button and follow the instructions of your wallet, and your game will be recorded on the blockchain!

B3. After your transaction confirmation, you can see a summary of your prediction here.

Good luck!

C. The Settlement

C1. Watch the live settlement (Round #10293) & See the results.

All eyes on there please!

The settlement will last for 5 minutes. You can watch the price update for five minutes if you like;)

The card will change automatically based on the price performance

As the five-minute window finishes, the “IN SETTLEMENT” section will change to “Calculating”. Calculating the results only takes a snap of fingers.

The settled round will move down in the result list and marked as “SETTLED”. The result of each round will be displayed with either a GREEN UP, or a RED DOWN.

C2. Collect your prize.

The reward pop-up

If you win your round, you can click Collect Prize button on the top right corner, and a pop-up window will show up. It shows the entire game history of a player. Click Claim All to move them into your wallet! 😍

C3. Recent game history.

The recent game history pop-up

Click on VIEW MORE in the Game History panel to open the pop-up window. You can check the past 10 finished games there.

Good Luck Winning!

About Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Network program. We are building the next generation multi-chain one stop DeFi x Entertainment-Fi experience on Arbitrum One & Astar Network. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance merges DeFi, Entertainment-Fi, NFT and Starfish culture to curate a new chapter of Decentralised Financing.

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