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3 min readJul 14, 2023

GM Starlians! The Starfish spaceship is thrilled to announce $SEAN is listed on the OKX Web3 Wallet, a huge step towards more native DeFi experience for self-custodian wallet integration to Starfish Finance! This development is another milestone of making the Starfish experience a seamless, simple and user-friendly one. 🎉

The OKX Web3 Wallet in a nutshell

The web3 arm of OKX is as much heavy weight as their centralized exchange in the world of crypto. The OKX DeFi ecosystem has processed transactions worth over $270 billion since it started. Its popularity growth represents an increasing demand of DeFi native users looking for self-custodian asset management tools. The robust security and reliability offer an incredible experience in managing digital assets. With over 400 types of cryptocurrency pairs to trade, The OKX Web3 Wallet is a leading DeFi gateway offering not only a massive user base to listed projects, but also for Starfishusers to access Entertainment-Fi.

Starfish Finance users can use their OKX Web3 Wallet to connect to the protocol, providing one more option for them to interact with all the exciting features and services the Starfish Finance platform proposes.

Starfish Finance x OKX Web3 Wallet– A growth accelerator

Integrating OKX Wallet into Starfish Finance is a key milestone for the Starfish team as it also lists $SEAN simultaneously to the OKX community. As a major and established CEX player, the OKX wallet onboards users from CEX to DeFi more seamlessly, and potentially provides more exposure to Starfish Finance. The OKX CEX arm has a massive network of over 20 million users worldwide, which the Starfish Leadership is overjoyed to tap into such a network and reach even more people for the SEAN experience!

The OKX Web3 wallet integration marks the third decentralized asset management tool the Starfish team achieved in 6 monthts. Previously, we have added the Unstoppable Domains Wallet and Coinbase DeFi Wallet. This is part of our ongoing work to make our platform more accessible by using different tools and services that our users trust, in addition to raising the Starfish brand awareness.

The Starfish team doesn’t stop! Keep an eye out for more exciting news from Starfish Finance!

About Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Network program. We are building the next generation multi-chain one stop DeFi x Entertainment-Fi experience on Arbitrum One & Astar Network. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance merges DeFi, Entertainment-Fi, NFT and Starfish culture to curate a new chapter of Decentralised Financing.

About OKX Web3 Wallet

The OKX Wallet is a leading self-custodian wallet provider, known for keeping users’ digital assets safe and making it easy to manage and trade. With the OKX CEX arm coverage, the OKX Web3 Wallet is used by millions of people worldwide to securely handle their digital money and explore the exciting world of decentralized finance.

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