#DoubleOrNothing — Starfish Coin Flip Testnet Festival

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2 min readMay 29


To celebrate the new chapter of Starfish Finance’s Entertainment-Fi pivot, the upcoming launch of the ‘Coin Flip’ game feature will go with a massive testnet festival. And we want to invite the whole Arbtrum ecosystem to participate in the tournament.

Join us, Double or Nothing

Flip Fest is here


We’re planing to airdrop care packages. Each care package contains 1000 testnet $SEAN tokens and 0.004 goerli $ETH for individuals to try out the testnet version of Starfish Finance Coin Flip on Arbitrum Goerli.

We will announce the details on how to get airdrops in the coming days. And we promise you that getting airdrops is easy! Join our community, follow our social channel and stay tuned!

Coin Flip:

Once getting the care package, the community can start gaming and doubling their fund by skills or pure luck. We encourage you to set up your own strategy to accumulate your tokens!

Post your biggest win of the day in our discord channel, we will draw 5 lucky winners everyday and giveaway 1000 testnet $SEAN to each player.

Mega — Jackpot:

We’ve also integrated the Jackpot feature into the Coin Flip game, where every 10 flips will grant the player 1 ticket to enter the Mega — Jackpot lucky draw.

1st Prize: Mega-Jackpot, 1,000,000 testnet $SEAN
2nd Prize: 10,000 testnet $SEAN
3rd Prize: 1,000 testnet $SEAN

‘Flip Friday’ Flip Competition

We will gather 10 players every Friday (or everyday depends on the campaign performance). All 10 players will be given 10,000 testnet $SEAN. And they need to earn as much as possible within 15 minutes. The player with the most token balance is the winner.

  1. The winner will be rewarded an extra 10,000 testnet $SEAN + a limited edition of Starfish Hoodie!
  2. The Flip Competition will be live streamed in Discord.

⚠️ Further details will be announced in the coming days

Testnet $SEAN ↔️ $SEAN redemption

Guess what, your testnet $SEAN can be redeemed as the real $SEAN.

Criteria: Addresses that have interacted at least 10 times with the Coin Flip contract without $SEAN inflow from individuals.

Redemption Ratio: to-be-announced later 👀 Maybe 1:0.000001, maybe 1:69420 👀

⚠️ Further details will be announced in the coming days

Good Luck Flipping, Heros!

About Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Network program. We are building the next generation multi-chain one stop DeFi x Entertainment-Fi experience on Arbitrum One & Astar Network. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance merges DeFi, Entertainment-Fi, NFT and Starfish culture to curate a new chapter of Decentralised Financing.

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