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3 min readAug 10, 2022


As SEAN’s frens, you must be aware of the epic launch of Starfish Finance IDO on Tokensoft, and we assume that you are as over the moon as the Starfish team! In this article, we are here to promote the value of $SEAN and the strong potential of being a $SEAN hodler and connoisseur!

What is $SEAN token?

$SEAN is a utility and governance token which forms the spine of the Starfish ecosystem, providing its hodlers a share of platform fees in stablecoin, chance for participating in launch events & NFT auctions, and voting rights on key protocol decision-making.

The $SEAN token offers many advantages. Here are 69 reasons why you should have some in your bag ⬇️

1. Earn protocol trading fees

🧠 Big Brain Action №1: Stake your $SEAN into cSEAN and harvest a share of protocol trading fees in the form of stablecoin.

For every swap on Starfish Finance DEX, 50% of the delegated fee is charged as protocol trading fee and accrued by the protocol. This is then converted into a stablecoin, and then distributed to the cSEAN Pool every 24 hours.

Users who complete Big Brain Action №1 are able to collect their share of protocol trading fees everyday. cSEAN is a non-transferable and non-tradable token.

2. Enter launch events & NFT auctions

🧠 Big Brain Action №2: Stake your $SEAN into sSEAN to enter Seabed Launches and NFT auctions.

The Seabed Launchpad is a super launchpad where users can discover new gems including new token/NFT offerings, private deals, and most importantly, getting liquidated NFTs on sale by auction — Imagine getting a BAYC under 80 ETH 👀

sSEAN is a non-transferable and non-tradable token which will unlock the gateway to get into token/NFT offerings, private deals & NFT Auctions.

Note: sSEAN staking is coming soon

3. Boost yield-farming rewards

🧠 Big Brain Action №3: stake your $SEAN into veSEAN to boost your yield-farming APY.

veSEAN is a non-transferable and non-tradable token that rewards long-term stakers with boosted Starfish Farm rewards as well as voting power for future governance specifically on farm rewards.

Note: veSEAN staking is coming soon

4. Vote and exercise governance rights on StarfishDAO

🧠 Big Brain Action №4: HODL your $SEAN to vote on key decisions of the Starfish Finance protocol.

$SEAN hodlers are empowered by their voting rights, which grants them active involvement in the platform — one of the important steps to build the №1 community. Remember, Starfishes, we care about your opinions, a lot.

Note: StarfishDAO is coming soon

5. $SEAN, a culture-bearing token

Starfish Finance is not just another DeFi project. We are here to propagate a unique community vision, value, and culture. We believe that the native SEAN culture is the intangible value behind the $SEAN token that will attract more like-minded frens to our platform. Bitcoin MAXIs have been saying that Bitcoin is a faith-based financial asset, and we say $SEAN is a culture-bearing asset!.

🎁 PLUS, we’ll be launching SEAN merch that is available only to $SEAN holders.

6 — 69. We will keep developing more utilities

🧠 Big Brain Action №6 — 69: Believe in the Starfish team. We will continue to bring more value and utilities to $SEAN. While you’re waiting, let’s !vibe in our socials.

About Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Builders program. We are building the next generation DeFi x NFT-Fi headquarters on Astar Network within the Polkadot ecosystem. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance offers stablecoin swap and NFT-Fi on top of an enhanced Balancer AMM model to deepen the liquidity of crypto or NFT trading and financing.

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